Thursday, December 16, 2004

Weak week!!

hmmm... after that record breaking event, my "central-back" broke the record of the maximum pain that one could ever suffer... damn!! I was not even able to get up from my bed for more than 4 hours.. I should thank my Dad for helping me get some Dr. assistance.

I swear I will never ever sit in front of TV again!!

Though suffered a lot physically, this week has been encouraging so far. Completed and commited Abiword filter for beagle, which is almost 95% complete and also a fix for weird combination of font-attributes bug in OO.o filter.

Reading through PS language after 4 yrs... hmm... interesting!!

Catch ya in my next blog!!

Human brain is really crazy!!

I didn't realize until Sunday that Human brain is really crazy. After a complete tight week of work, my enthu filled weekend started off by a 1/2 day sleep. It was around 3:00 PM had my lunch and went for a nap, it turned out to be long sleeeep, rather.. uff got up again around 8:00 PM and finished my dinner and started off with my TV turned PC.

It (watching TV) just started with some good movies/programs in HBO, Star Movies, AXN, ZMZ, Zee cinema, Sony, Star Gold, KTV.. uff too many channels.. I went completely crazy... you don't believe it, when I thought to go to bed it was sunday morning 6:00 AM.. and continued my TV watch (well.. i missed Baywatch, though.. thats sad!!).

Had my bath, lunch and it continued.. finally my father put a full-stop by switching off the PC around 10:00 PM.... WOW!! its a record breaking non-stop 26 hrs of TV watching without sleep!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

My new camera

Atlast decided on a Digital camera!!

Had been planning it for long and now the time has come, since, my Big B is in US ;), I have ordered !! for a Konica Minolta Dimage Z3... Damn!! it took a lot of reading before finalizing on the model and make.

Hope to get the camera soon!!

Beagle 0.0.4 released

Ufff.. committed Raphael's improved audio filters patch on time for the new 0.0.4 release of beagle. Helped (??) Jon by writing a small change summary.

Postponed the Abiword filter for next release, require bit of tweaking.

Friday, December 10, 2004

My first blog!!


Atlast!! Here is my blog.

Last week was really a remarkable one in my life so far. First of all, I am now a full-time opensource hacker ;-). Thanks to Novell for fullfilling my dream.

You must be wondering about what the heck happened last week.. hmmm.. I had gone to Linux Bangalore 2004... well.. AS A SPEAKER, along with Krishnan!!! That was my first ever talk in front of an unknown-professional/academic audience and the Topic was Beagle - the hottest topic in Desktop computing.

Beagle is an Opensource Desktop Search framework. You can get more about it in

I don't wanna make this look like a status report ;-) though few things does require a mention here.

Completed RTF filter (with few bugs ;-)) and review the patch from Raphael on Audio files.

Have been planning with my team mates to go out for the shutdown period... well either Andaman or Kerala back waters... suggestions are welcome.. ;-)