Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Long long ago...

Its Long break since I wrote my last blog. Things in life has changed quite a lot. No more regular nightouts, dinner before 10:00 PM, commuting through BMTC bus to office and change in my regular diet. Everything happened because of the low-battery-warning raised by my body, which is under rejunuvation now with the help of ayurvedic medicines. Atleast, I am getting good sleep these days. :-)

More than that, a one month medical vacation due to Paronychia on my right-hand-index finger, which costed the entire nail on that finger, changed my weird way of living and brought some Indian-way-of-living (adhering close to IST). I guess, it would take another couple of months to see some nail in that finger as well as a complete change in my timings.

Also, I have got BSNL DataOne 900Plus unlimited broadband and you don't believe it, it is amazingly quite fast and good. If you have type-II modem, it is quite easy to make it work with Linux. All you have to do is to set DNS entries properly in your modem and enable DHCP. If you have a wireless modem, you don't need to configure anything in Linux, it just picks it up and you are connected to internet. BTW, I am using SLED10. :-)

[My fitness schedule is lagging by couple of months...]

Quite a lot of things happening in the F/OSS community that I am currently involved. Will keep them posted, gotta sleep, its 1:27 AM.