Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dial-up is finally up!!

Voila!! after a marathon-of-hurdles, finally got my PC @ home up and running and connected to internet, howwever, the netapplet goes for a toss whenever I connect to internet. Hope an update of packages will fix it. ;-).

Internet connection @ home always boosts up energy to spend more time on hacking, along with a *good kitchen*, a cable connection on your PC to watch TV programs. Hugh!! sounds like a scene from any Holywood movies?.. heh!! its true.. lemme try it for a week and blog more on it!!

In Beagleland, everyone seems to working towards making the little doggy stronger. I am doing testing of filters and fixing bugs in them when ever I find one. Lately, fixed couple of bugs in Doc filter which were not filed ;-). I have to start the habit of filing bugs and then fixing it. Krish was also mentioning that.

My "C" interface for beagle has inched a bit that possibly will have a working (minimal) prototype by this weekend, not quite sure on timeframe, though. ;-)

If anybody wants to have a look at "Mono Embedded APIs", click here. Dudes!! it is pretty interesting, you should read it!! B-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A quick nutritious recipe

Sunday, as usual, started experimenting few things in my Kitchen. I got sproutted-green-dhal, carrot and baby corn. I have already tried sproutted-dhal-raita already with ginger, coriander leaves, onion, curd, lemon and little asafoedia powder. It was nice and yummy. This time wanted to do something new but quick.

sprouted-dhal sundal, in English - cooked sprouted-dhal. It was so simple. The recipe goes like this

  • Soak the sprouted dhal in Lukewarm water for about 2 mins.
  • Take out the sprouted dhal from water, dry it, add salt (according to taste) and keep it a pressure cooker/microwave oven.
  • Pressure cooker: take it out in three whistles
  • Microwave oven: keep it for 2-3 mins.
  • Fry the cooked sprouted dhal in pure Cow's ghee along with little coriander leaves, little ginger and chopped green chillies and serve it.

    Note: While frying we can add even other garnishings as we like (cashews, almonds etc).

    Try it out... more recipes to come (on Saturdays and Sundays) ;-)
  • Sunday, February 06, 2005


    Another day of my life passed by. Though not a really colourful ;-) Saturday, passed off with few accomplishments. Till early morning 6'O Clock was reading/trying out Mono Embedded APIs, interesting stuff and it works!! Late in the afternoon went to GPR and collected my Plot documents that I bought in Oct 2004, in the outskirts of Bangalore. WOW!! the value of the plot has increased by 200%... hmm... nice investment. Real estate business in Bangalore seems profitable than software business ;-)

    Still couldn't get my SMPS working. Seems to be lot of work involved in bringing it back to shape. Never mind, ordered a new one. :)

    In the Beagle land, fixed the most annoying bug in Filters for word processor documents Bug# 157100, combination of various-text-formatting-styles. Working on creating a "C" interface to beagle and Xchat backend needs little bit tweaking before getting it into CVS.

    Helped few Nosipians in compiling gnome.

    Friday, February 04, 2005

    Hacker crack down - Good to be a student!!

    [This is rather an old blog of mine from Blogspot doesn't support aggregations, it seems.]

    After my Linux Bangalore talk on Beagle, which was sort of not so technical presentation, I wanted to explore further in to Beagle to prepare a good rather a hacky presentation that shows different hackable aspects of Beagle.

    Boarded the train in an usual way, 5 mins before the departure time and that too in Bangalore Cantonment station. Had some fruits and was modifying/adding some slides in the train. Shreyas got his presentation in a floppy and we managed to put it in to the laptop. Intel P4 is rather slow at times or always(?).

    We were received by couple of NITT students, Vishnu and (forgot?!). WOW!! they had a nice guest house with AC, TV, Water heater and neatly maintained rooms. At around 8:00AM, we were served with breakfast and had some puris with aaloo (really tasty!!).

    Hemant, one of the core co-ordinators of the event, took us to the famous Octogon computer centre. Hmmm... all have TFT screens with good configuration. Shreyas and Nagappan downloaded some files for their presentation in to a thumb drive.

    I was feeling damn sleepy as didn't have sleep neither in train nor in guest house. Took photos of the event and finally after lunch and mono session, I started off with Beagle.

    I really don't know how time passed off, it was around 5:00 PM, Poornima buzzed me on stage about the time. Hmm... I started my presentation around 3:15PM.. Students showed a great deal of interest (patience???).

    Then, I started the hacking session on beagle by explaining a Filter code. Later, we decided to write a new filter, on stage. I showed them how easy it is to hack beagle by writing a filter for pascal programs. Voila!! the filter worked!!! and claps.... From the claps, I could imagine how much they had enjoyed the session. [can be otherwise too...;-)]

    Later around 7:15 PM we bid farewell to the students and boarded the train. I immediately went to sleep, hmmm.. had nice sleep and continued it even after reaching my home today morning. Woke up @ around 12:00 noon and reached office around 1:00 PM.

    Will post the pictures later this week!! Hmmm.. got to by a Digital camera...

    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    Health is Wealth!!

    Its true, "Health is Wealth". Yesterday was a horrible day, suffered from indigestion and hunger, two mutually exclusive health problems together jolted my entire immune system like Tsunami killer waves. Still feeling the after Tsunami (!?) effect in my body.

    Though, I managed to prepare a draft of test-strategy-plan for beagle filters, yesterday. ;-)

    Another annoying act from the mobile vendors, my mobile lost its outgoing facility as one of my cheques bounced back!! (Newton's Third law?), called up the customer care, got to pay a visit to their office to pay the bills... I hate it. X(

    Feeling a lot better than yesterday, hope it improves further.

    Read through the mails. Beagle has started getting lots of attention from users and so is bug count ;-).

    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    Beagle talk on #nosip

    IRC, internet relay chat, as it is called is really effective. Atleast for me, one that is good at typing and lived mostly on IMs and other general chat rooms. ;-)

    Couple of weeks back we had our status meeting in IRC and today I briefed about beagle filters in #nosip. Though not a complete session, a step by step briefing about backends and filters and seems (?) to have helped the NOSIPians to understand the infrastructure of beagle.
    The log of the short session can be found here.

    Reader(s) comments are most welcome. My plans to write a Beagle Filter Developer's guide initiated me to do this brief session. Soon, will add the devel-guide to beagle wiki.

    Stay tuned for more beagle action!!

    A forethought became true

    This was my forethought which became true, recently, about my previous company ;-)

    After having sent my resignation mail to the CEO and others', I started writing a feedback mail about the company, which turned out to be a poem (heh?).

    Time has come for a farewell,
    to the one who i cared well.
    After She had her wedding bell,
    She exiled me to the hell.

    Stayed strong in all season - and
    now annotated as exiled person.
    Feather had no reason - but
    to digest the poison.

    She had a crown of feathers,
    I was one that never withers.
    Fault is not with her, rather
    the bell made this feather wither.

    Crown tried to hold it tight - but
    Bell managed to win the fight.
    Feather broke the behight - and
    prepared to reach aheight.

    Crown will lose its pride - if,
    Bell continues the ride.
    She will lose the Crown - if,
    Bell makes the feathers' down.

    Time has come for a farewell,
    to the one who i cared well.

    -- V. Varadhan.

    Hmm... "resignation poem" would be very near ;-)