Thursday, January 27, 2005

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

WOW!! Its been the best day so far in 2005. My Ex-manager/dearest friend resigned from my ex-company and joined the de-facto company that everyone knows about it. Its an ecstatic word that reminds me off about that company. With that, just Two of my ex-team mates left in that company. Hmm... got to do something for them. ;)

Ex-company was not that bad, but, just like an ice-berg brought an end to the great Titanic, the really-bad-attitude of a person in a responsible position brought a great fall to it.

Our Ex-team was one of the greatest team one could ever find in any company. Hmm... thats a history now.


My SMPS's fuse got burst yesterday due to a bad-power-fluctuation. Damn!! SMPS manufacturers should think of producing a "pluggable" fuses...

In the Beagle world, got my XChat irc log indexing working. Writing a more generic-infrastructure-for-irc-logs that can be extended for any IRC clients.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Unfinished business with M$ ADS continues

Week started off with a great shock as two, Ramasubbu and Santhosh have decided to leave. With that, I have got a new assignment to take forward the Microsoft ADS/Novell eDirectory integration in NLD.

Hmm... Happiness never long last, somewhere around Nov'2000, I spent some good amount of time in setting up ADS in Windows 2000 Advanced Server, damn.. that was such a great pain in ass to just configure it to use it in Windows 2000 clients. I was much relieved when they dropped that feature in that release of their Document Management System. Hope!! they (Redmond guys) would have improved it not to pain that much now. ;-)

Though this new toy has come to my bag, Beagle is my all time favourite. Just got a basic prototype of XChat backend working. Shall post a screenshot in a day or two.

Personal life is so far so good. Looking forward for a good broadband connection from BSNL and a laptop from office ;-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dentist wanted

After having planned a lot, myself and sanjiv managed to make it upto Mysore, a nice tourist spot. We first finished our lunch and started our exploration. We didn't take any packaged tour, so, we travelled in tonga's to reach short distances.

First one we went for was Mysore zoo. Its a big zoo that I have ever seen, so far. We took quite a lot of pictures with my Canon EOS 55 camera. This is the shot which I waited for long to take. WOW!! it is great, ain't it?

Monday, January 10, 2005

2004 - Goods and Bads

Should have written this a week back.. hrm.. I should work upon my lazyness!! Hope 2005 will show some improvement on that side ;)

2004 has been another wonderful year for me with lots of goods and few bads!!

Goods are appreciations from GE guys, opensource job @ novell, a fulltime BEAGLE hacker, bought a plot on the outskirts of bangalore and many more on my family side.

Bads are left CDC/my team in CDC, few skin problems and difference of opinion with one of my best friends, hope 2005 will resolve it!!

To celebrate the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005, myself and my team-mates have planned for a short-vacation trip to andaman but we didn't 'coz of unavailability of ships during 24thDec - 26thDec. It turned out to be good for us for not making it, however, it has become the worst for 2004. :'(