Thursday, December 01, 2005

Life - Personal/Professional

Work while you work and
play while you play

Those are pretty common lines but hard to follow. Really, I mean it. Had been planning to separate my work related activities from personal activities for quite sometime now. Never had a success. Finally decided to somehow, restarted the mission of identifying a professional Varadhan (during office hours) and a Varadhan of those Golden college days. A Varadhan with his unique sense of humour, a Varadhan with a great personal value, a Varadhan who is active among his friends and above all, a studious Varadhan.

These 6+ years of my software career has given me lot of Professional values/status at the expense of my Personal values. Today, 2nd December 2005, I have determined to claim back all those personal values before they expire completely.

First things first...

1) Rejoin my TaiChi classes.
2) Restart my Gym activities.

Let me see how this plan goes. :-)

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