Thursday, December 16, 2004

Human brain is really crazy!!

I didn't realize until Sunday that Human brain is really crazy. After a complete tight week of work, my enthu filled weekend started off by a 1/2 day sleep. It was around 3:00 PM had my lunch and went for a nap, it turned out to be long sleeeep, rather.. uff got up again around 8:00 PM and finished my dinner and started off with my TV turned PC.

It (watching TV) just started with some good movies/programs in HBO, Star Movies, AXN, ZMZ, Zee cinema, Sony, Star Gold, KTV.. uff too many channels.. I went completely crazy... you don't believe it, when I thought to go to bed it was sunday morning 6:00 AM.. and continued my TV watch (well.. i missed Baywatch, though.. thats sad!!).

Had my bath, lunch and it continued.. finally my father put a full-stop by switching off the PC around 10:00 PM.... WOW!! its a record breaking non-stop 26 hrs of TV watching without sleep!!!

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