Friday, September 02, 2005

A Beagle visit

Got some time to look back the road which I used to walk through when I joined Novell. The road has improved a lot. Got street lights, direction boards and a nice black road. Many vehicles, from two-wheelers to LMVs have started travelling on it. Soon, HMVs will be benchmarking the road and a grand-opening is awaiting to happen.

heh, what am I talking about?

Its Beagle.

Yes, took some time to hack something quick for beagle. As always, cooked up a filter for archive files. When I say Beagle is Fun, it is, I really mean it. The new filter had hit a bug in the FS backend and is due to be fixed after SuSE 10.0. However, I continued to fix the other corner-points that were blocking the filter from working. Finally, the fully cooked version of the patch lies here, to be picked up by Jon and Jon is a good friend of mine and will take it, haina Jon? ;-)

The filter indexes files inside the archive using appropriate beagle filters. Thus raising the ability of Beagle to smell and dig the contents to/from the core. The filter uses the ICSharpCode's SharpZipLib library and supports all of Zip, Tar, GZip and BZip2. (Though support for GZip and BZip2 are temporarily disabled now)

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