Thursday, September 08, 2005

Women - the Weaker sex or Not?

The above question occuppied my brain like anything when I saw my mom feeling lonely even after the presence of my father, my elder brother, myself and my youngest sister. Well, we were (are) "Super Six" for our parents before the "twinkling twin sisters" of us got married. Its been around 6 yrs now, that I started living out, without my parents, brothers and sisters, however, never felt like loosing any of them till my sisters marriage. I felt like loosing them permanently, though it might sound rubbish just like it sounded to others in the family when I expressed that. Well, my parents consoled me by explaining the destiny of a Woman. Yes, it is the un-written(?) destiny of a Woman to live a twin-life, life with her parents/brothers/sisters and a life with her partner/his family.

With the world changing so rapidly, the so said destiny or the gaps between in-laws and own-ones started reducing and giving a feeling that the difference between the twin-life is just a thread-width apart. However, still there are people who "worship" that layer and not let the width of the layer get reduced even by a millimeter, that makes mom like mine an evergreen patient regretting for such decisions.

I have a question for the "Stronger Sex(?)", Men, when we expect our partner to respect our family members and treat them as their family members, why aren't we doing the same?

Though we label them as "weaker sex", are they really a "weaker sex"? I would say "NO".
They are weak, only till they
1) respect you and
2) love you

Once they come out of these two potential weaknesses, which we also have (more than them), they are the "Strongest people" one could ever see. I think we call them "Weaker sex" because we become "weak" without their presence in our life. Is it so? Hmm.. I guess, yes, it is so.

Okay, I don't know why I am writing this, may be that I am too weak to belong to a "Stronger Sex"? Or, the weaker sex made me weak?

I haven't yet seen my partner, though have seen my mom and my sisters. They are my source of inspiration and energy. Don't know who said "Women are weaker sex", whoever said wouldn't have seen any woman. I have seen my mom raising from deep sorrows like the venus on a "No-moon day", giving the whole-family the much needed light-of-confidence, which made us where we are today.

My request to the whole community of Men (including myself) is that try to understand the feelings of your partner and respect it. Try to know what she has in the deep of her heart. Last but not least, try to treat her family with equal respect that you expect from them.

My conclusion to my question in the topic is that, Yes, "Women are weaker sex", but, "Men are weakest sex". I know, but, sorry guys, truth doesn't sound good always. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dear BEE

Very superbbb one.... don't know how to express my gratitude... :-)


Minchu said...


This is one is really wonderful. I agree that though Men know that they are the weakest sex, many would not come forward to accept it. I appreciate your post.Thanks for a nice one.