Thursday, January 27, 2005

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

WOW!! Its been the best day so far in 2005. My Ex-manager/dearest friend resigned from my ex-company and joined the de-facto company that everyone knows about it. Its an ecstatic word that reminds me off about that company. With that, just Two of my ex-team mates left in that company. Hmm... got to do something for them. ;)

Ex-company was not that bad, but, just like an ice-berg brought an end to the great Titanic, the really-bad-attitude of a person in a responsible position brought a great fall to it.

Our Ex-team was one of the greatest team one could ever find in any company. Hmm... thats a history now.


My SMPS's fuse got burst yesterday due to a bad-power-fluctuation. Damn!! SMPS manufacturers should think of producing a "pluggable" fuses...

In the Beagle world, got my XChat irc log indexing working. Writing a more generic-infrastructure-for-irc-logs that can be extended for any IRC clients.

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