Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Unfinished business with M$ ADS continues

Week started off with a great shock as two, Ramasubbu and Santhosh have decided to leave. With that, I have got a new assignment to take forward the Microsoft ADS/Novell eDirectory integration in NLD.

Hmm... Happiness never long last, somewhere around Nov'2000, I spent some good amount of time in setting up ADS in Windows 2000 Advanced Server, damn.. that was such a great pain in ass to just configure it to use it in Windows 2000 clients. I was much relieved when they dropped that feature in that release of their Document Management System. Hope!! they (Redmond guys) would have improved it not to pain that much now. ;-)

Though this new toy has come to my bag, Beagle is my all time favourite. Just got a basic prototype of XChat backend working. Shall post a screenshot in a day or two.

Personal life is so far so good. Looking forward for a good broadband connection from BSNL and a laptop from office ;-)

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