Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baatein bool jaatein hain, magar, yaadein yaad aatein hain

I took a day off since my 32nd & 33rd vertebral bones and its neighbours raised extreme alarm and went on a strike for more than 5 hrs before I could control them. And because of this strike I couldn't involve myself in much of physical activities, but, my mind started refreshing its cache and found many interesting pieces of evergreen memories.

Recently I met one of my Device driver team mates here in Bangalore. We worked together in Newgen, Delhi. Our days in Newgen passed like our college days. Usual long working hours, gossips, spoofs etc., made us known as the "Coolest" guys. "Less tension More work" was our punch-line, or whatever you call it, at work. Along with us was this girl who used to be like serious, stick to work etc kinda girl and the "mahool" changed her too.

So, was the "mahool" of backend team of EAGLE project. Well, the reason was very obvious that I was also working for them apart from Device drivers. Though we spent long-working-days, the weekends used to be lot of fun. Every weekend starts with a new movie on friday night. Saturdays and Sundays are mostly filled with long drives outside Delhi.

Hope someday I will bring the same "mahool" here in bangalore too. :-)

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