Thursday, July 28, 2005

Beagle uncovers the missing features in GNOME

Now our smart doggy started unleashing the missing links in GNOME desktop. When the Best shows the unearthed information from your box, the users are tempted to click on the action links in the eye-catching tiles. It is these *action* links on certain types of data that revealed the missing features in GNOME.

Lets see few of them:

Beagle can index Addressbook entries, however, there is no viewer as such in gnome to view contact information (vcards). Contact-lookup-applet has a minimalistic viewer, though not a full-fledged contact editing/viewing application.

Same with Calendar and message/rfc822 messages. No default viewers available in GNOME. Evolution is one good application that understands all these formats/files, however, doesn't support opening/viewing these files, unless it is part of its configured account.

Going forward, Beagle will definitely uncover many such missing links.


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