Monday, July 11, 2005

Long long ago...

"Long long ago there was a beagle hacker named Varadhan....." I am afraid that in another couple of months my name will find the first place in HISTORY file in Beagle sources. ;-)

Yes, from hacking in Beagle now my hacking status has become hacking for beagle. Nevermind, till I am close to my pet. These days I am playing with a big-chunk-of-code called "Evolution & Co.," adding support for Beagle in evolution to make beagle seamlessly index evolution data.

Just got my patches for opening a calendar-item and contacts from command-line committed, as moving these editors to evolution-data-server is a future task also have added a "forward" option to the mail-uri that we use to open/reply mails from command-line.

And kudos... my ECal bindings will find its way to cvs in a day or two. With that, I will start hacking in beagle again. :-)

Not the least, the latest puppy is doing fine. I think it has grown-up well to mention it as a dog now. ;-)

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