Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beagle moments

Yesterday was talking to my buddies in #dashboard channel after a considerably long time. It feels really good and don't know why doesn't it happen with any other channel :-(. Well, may be because I know what I am doing in beagle and what beagle is doing. Myself and Joe were discussing about my archive filter hack for beagle. Joe came with a number of good points on my quick hack. Got to grab some time today to fix those things. From the channel log...

Oct 04 20:26:15 joe varadhan: ok, so the main issue I see with the patch is that it uses MemoryStream
Oct 04 20:26:40 joe mediterr: does your mono-web package have the same version number as your mono-core package?
Oct 04 20:26:59 joe varadhan: which is probably not avoidable with how the filtering system works right now
Oct 04 20:27:09 varadhan joe, Yes.
Oct 04 20:27:13 joe varadhan: but it's kind of an issue because files that are compressed tend to be compressed for a reason. :)
Oct 04 20:27:58 varadhan joe, Exactly, but just thinking of how "possbily" can we avoid that.
Oct 04 20:28:12 varadhan joe, one possible way is a .beagle/tmp stuff.
Oct 04 20:29:05 varadhan joe, we extract there, index the files and delete it. When the parent archive file is deleted, delete the sibling indexes.
Oct 04 20:29:21 joe varadhan: a temp file may make some sense, but then we're using a lot of disk space, which is another reason why the files are compressed in the first place. :)
Oct 04 20:29:50 joe i mean, it's a suboptimal situation either way

Well, sometimes we have to temporarily break the original intention of a thing to reach our goal.

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