Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Grinding Evolution

Evolution a prestigious mail client for the users of GNOME desktop with integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality, that supports "Microsoft Exchange" and "Novell Groupwise" servers as well. After my series of wrapper work around evolution-data-server, started preparing for another leap of something useful to the evolution community.

Preparing the test-bed took almost weeks together and finally, yes, started gathering details of holes in evolution code that kept leaking memory. Well, evolution behaves nicely when the sampling size is small. Still haven't gathered much, however, will be completing it in another couple of days. Did I mention anything about the tool that I used to watch and report the leaks? I guess not yet.

Valgrind a memory debuggind and threading profiler tool for linux programs. Well, I started using valgrind around August 2002 and since then, it has improved quite a lot. It pre-loads hooks for allocations/deallocations and other threading functions. Will write more about valgrind later. One negative aspect of valgrind is that its memcheck tool will slow down your application to a max of 25 times of its original speed.

Another tool that came very handy is LDTP. With new newly improved LDTP, I can run two tests a day. It is a must tool for profiling Desktop application, though, the actual intent of the tool is different. Just write ldtp-scripts for any operation and run it in a loop. That way, I don't have to manually interact with the application and be relaxed or do any other critical fix. ;-)

Well, just wanted to break my lazyness to blog interesting things that I have been doing since four weeks now. Will be posting a detailed blog soon.

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