Wednesday, October 05, 2005

MPlayer and GCC4

I downloaded the clip from Jeyant Joshua Gonringe's blog, a blog of a 4-5 year old kid. By default windows codecs are not supported by SuSE (and hopefully others as well). I like Xine a lot, however, I equally like mplayer as well. Normally, I install both of them as some clips/movies are played well in Xine and some are played well in mplayer. After upgrading my laptop to SuSE 10, I actually forgot to recompile mplayer. So, downloaded their new 1.0pre7-try2 tarball and started compiling.
During configure itself it yelled at me asking for a gcc version that it supports. With their --disable-gcc-checking, I managed to get the configure stage going. However, the compilation borked with an error saying "memory input 4 is not directly addressable". Luckily google got me this patch which smoothened my mplayer compilation. Voila!! that video clip is amazing/relaxing. :-)

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