Sunday, February 06, 2005


Another day of my life passed by. Though not a really colourful ;-) Saturday, passed off with few accomplishments. Till early morning 6'O Clock was reading/trying out Mono Embedded APIs, interesting stuff and it works!! Late in the afternoon went to GPR and collected my Plot documents that I bought in Oct 2004, in the outskirts of Bangalore. WOW!! the value of the plot has increased by 200%... hmm... nice investment. Real estate business in Bangalore seems profitable than software business ;-)

Still couldn't get my SMPS working. Seems to be lot of work involved in bringing it back to shape. Never mind, ordered a new one. :)

In the Beagle land, fixed the most annoying bug in Filters for word processor documents Bug# 157100, combination of various-text-formatting-styles. Working on creating a "C" interface to beagle and Xchat backend needs little bit tweaking before getting it into CVS.

Helped few Nosipians in compiling gnome.

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