Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bonobo - The Crypted Magic word

I am happy that atlast the time has come to complete one of my long pending (personal) tasks, learning to use bonobo. Thanks to Michael Zucchi (NotZed) for his mail-remote plugin which exposes bonobo interfaces to talk with it.

As part of writing C# wrappers for things in evolution & co, I started writing a client-code in "C" for the mail-remote plugin interface. Thanks to Michael Meeks for his tutorial on bonobo. The sample How-to also came handy to quickly understand and start coding the client. Thanks to Google to find this one, which really helped me to quickly prototype my client.

Ok, here is how my client works. Client has two parts, 1) Implementation of listeners and 2) glue-code.

Listeners: These implements various listener classes and their methods. Also, emits g_signals that the glue-code can connect to and process it.

Glue-code: This is the actual client-code that talks to the server-side (the plugin) interface and exposes signals to the C# layer. Hope GAPI will pick-it-up and create a "nice" code by itself. ;)

Ok, its time to actually do some coding. More later.

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