Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lights On

Today, got sometime to think about my real life. Well, it is quite evident from my blogs that I am hardly paying any attention to my personal life. Last 3.5 years have changed me a lot. Have become more work-aholic than ever. Because of which lost few good friends, well, not really but typically; yes. My FAQ stack on my mind gets overflown by questions like...

What happened to me? What made me change like this? What happened to my hobbies, interests etc?.

Few reasons popped up as answers and the prominent one being "staying alone". Yes, in Delhi, though I stayed alone, had very good, fun-filled and hilarious friend circle. We used to go out on a long drive every weekends. Never missed any movie that got released in Delhi till I was there.

Bangalore has totally turned my life upside down. Have I become more responsible? Would that mean no more such fun and joyous moments? Well, I think I am missing good partner(s) to hang around, kill time, chit chats etc. Most of my friends have got a registered partner for them, making my request to hang-around an invalid one. Though few things that my beloved-friends suggest which would bring a difference to the current way of my living and they are:
1) Go to office on official office timings and
2) Do not awake past MIDNIGHT

Lets see how soon this light brings brightness to the dark-side of my life.

Its around 4:40 AM now, which I have been trying to avoid for months together now.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Virus(varadhan)...i deserve to write here...coz i am one among those bygone friend, still trying hard to keep up the friendship with you even though I haven't seen you in 6 year (oh god, i just realized itz a lot)....Today I was talking to our friend Raja, just few minutes before i chat with you. somehow we recalled your crazy work style(its true)....

I am happy you realized a big thing before it is too LATE...

when i say LATE...i remember LATE VARADHU as well...ahahahah just kidding buddy...


Veerapuram Varadhan said...

Thanks Buddy, well you are the prominent one (its true) among those that I might have really missed forever.

Well, trying to align my life style in a way to not let the misses become losts.

6 years is long, well, lets break it.

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