Monday, August 08, 2005

A Perfect weekend

Boarded the bus on Friday with an intention to complete certain pending tasks over the weekend. If I had known the plans of my parents for my weekend, perhaps, I wouldn't have taken my laptop all the way to my native place.

It all started with an heavy discussion with my auditor in filing my tax returns. Ugh, taxes are a RPITA. Apart from what has been deducted by Novell and my previous employer, I had to pay around 37K, which I paid last week. Though, my auditor got back with a new figure of around 39K and that means another 2K. Hope that chapter ends there.

Once I finished with my auditor, my cousin called me up and told me that he had setup an appointment with a property-broker, well, in Chennai (2 hrs of bus journey). So, accompanied by my father, I reached Chennai around evening. We saw three properties out of which only one appeared to be okay. However, lot many things have to be verified before signing-off a deal.

As mentioned in this post, real-estate business is really coming well. Hope to close that deal in time.

Met my cousin, after long long ago and spent good time with them. Chennai has changed a lot since my last visit (4 yrs?)

And the day of rest, Sunday, passed just like that with enough rest and nice homely-food.


Anna Marie Dirks said...

Wow, Varadhan! It sounds like a perfect weekend indeed! Do you have any pictures of the place you found in Chennai? I would love to see the city from your point of view. :)

Veerapuram Varadhan said...

I don't have one right now, however, will be visiting the place again for finalizing the deal. Will update you once I post them here.