Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Deja vu"

Two days in a week that I don't really like:
1) First working day after the weekend and
2) Last working day before the weekend.

Reached bangalore around 4:30 AM and had a sound sleep till 12:00 noon. Reached office on time ;) and had lunch. With a great determination, started to trace back the roots for the annoying 310461 bug. Yet to form a suitable patch to fix it. It was around 10:30PM, nags pinged me on IM to make me realize that I would miss my dinner. Packed my bag and rushed to my favourite Annapoorna hotel and got a parcel of 6 Idlies and 2 Chappatis.

Reached home, did sandhi and finished the dinner. After a very long time, today did lot of orukut found few of my friends. Tried hard to make vpn work with the tortoise connection (Reliance's rconnect) work, but, didn't get through. So, started reading through Joshua's semweb library to read/write RDF files. This would give me a break through to enter into Beagle land with something nice.

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